Dorothy Hall, NY Park East, March 23rd, 1974, NYC


“Galerie Internationale is featuring a one-man show of paintings by Italian artist Giuseppe Dossena. These are exuberant works in rich, assertive color, dealing with varied subject matter, both abstract and representational. In either case, there's a feeling of nervous energy bursting forth in the artist's treatment of generously flowered fields, butterflies, still lifes and dancing figures such as in Giorno di Festa as well as in the breathless swirls which conjure up a vision of ghosts in Fantasmi.

     Most appealing are several large landscapes in a somewhat more subdued and impressionistic vein and with a fresh, ingratiating palette. Pomeriggio Estivo (Summer Afternoon), with a hint of Van Gogh in the rhytmic sky treatment, is particularly lovely as is Bambini nel Giardino, a sunny springtime view of children playing in the park”.


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